The 4 seasons of the Head Hunter

Your heart is jumping in your throat. It has been a long time since you were nominated but the name of the Head Hunter and the company is so well known that in a few moments you remember everything. Because your CV has been chosen as the best resume examples for jobs among other job seekers. Hope is reborn. Your feeling is that of spring.

No, he doesn’t have a job to offer you.

On the other hand, he has “reserved” for you a highly qualifying training course. Obviously, the cost is high – thousands of euros – but it tells you that it has the “right contacts” and that there will be no problem in “placing you”. He has requested all year round for very professional figures like yours.

It will be easy to find a job, like lying in the summer sun waiting for a tan. He is very proactive, kind, and accommodating until…

You ask him why your previous application was ignored.

If your professional profile was so interesting and he always has these perfect requests for you, why didn’t he even call you for a job interview, even just by phone?

The Head Hunter replies that your Curriculum Vitae has probably been lost and therefore has not had the opportunity to meet and call you. He apologizes but sometimes email doesn’t work. These technologies sometimes disappoint.

Что такое "хедхантер" в России? Профессия, сайт

You then ask him how he gets your phone number if he has never received your Curriculum Vitae or Cover Letter. Silence. Embarrassment. Autumn has arrived suddenly. The leaves fall and you finally discover the true nature of the Head Hunter.

The story doesn’t hold up, something is wrong. Please inform him that you are not currently interested in his fantastic offer.

the Head Hunter changes the tone of voice. He understood that the easy sale dictated by the influence of his role has vanished. You’re not as foolish or desperate as he hoped.

He is no longer proactive and informs you that the job search situation is serious. If you do not have professional support it will be very difficult for you to find work especially after you have passed a “certain age”. He closes the call dryly when he realizes that even his veiled threat has been in vain.

This time, however, you are the one to impose the frost of the winter season.

Have you understood that sometimes behind fabulous job advertisements and the professional figures of Head Hunters and some intermediary companies that stand between those who offer and those looking for work, there is a thriving market of those who invent links with companies that probably he doesn’t even know to sell expensive training courses?

But you have understood one thing and you have to thank that Head Hunter for this.

To find work, you need to go directly to companies using a professional method. No more intermediaries, announcements, or be enchanted by the prestigious images of the Head Hunters.