Courage… be discriminated against!

You think it’s time to share your skills with a new employer. So you set out on the hunt for the new company that will be lucky enough to use all the numerous and important experiences you have gained.

As you scroll through the job postings, you notice something that leaves you speechless. You find offers that are discriminatory, ambiguous if not downright demeaning.

You think it is just a mistake as explicit references on age, gender, or place of residence are expressly prohibited by law. Then you realize it’s not a mistake:

They trample your rights.

Numerous regulations are governing discriminatory behavior towards your age.

Article 3 of the Constitution states: “All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions”.

Law 276/03 considers the inclusion of age criteria in job advertisements as a “violation of the principle of equal opportunities”.

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Legislative decree number 05/10 prohibits any form of discrimination and provides for numerous and severe sanctions against those who break these rules.

Despite this, some people reject you with impunity for age enough to publicly report this discrimination in job advertisements.

It is disheartening to see how recruitment companies and companies do not take into account European and Italian legislation (art.3 DLGS 216/03) that PROHIBIT the exposure of the age in job advertisements. It is perfectly useless to use extenuating circumstances to justify age discrimination. It is non-compliance with the law. Until recently, discrimination was present in public competitions. Thanks to the intervention of UNAR and our reports, now such discrimination does not exist or is reduced to a minimum due to ignorance of the law.

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Who discriminates against you?

We conducted a small check by reading job advertisements for managers, executives, and executives regardless of the type of profession, type of company, geographical area, and publication portal.

The result was bleak…

Almost all of the job advertisements that reported age discrimination were from some Recruitment Companies specialized in the search for Managers, Professionals, and Executives.

Below you can find some examples of what we have found and to which we have obscured the references of the Selection Companies:

Discrimination grows every year.

The annual reports of the National Anti-Discrimination Office of the Prime Minister confirm that the annual increase in the number of discrimination on personnel selection activities is 75%.

In other words, even just after 2 years of professional activity, your chance of being discriminated against increases by 3 times making it increasingly difficult for you to get that new job you deserve.

How can you protect your rights?

1. Apply directly to the employer.

Most discrimination is applied by Recruiting Companies (often without their client asking for it).

The best way to avoid being discarded for your “age maturity” is therefore to contact your employer directly.

2. Change the way you propose.

The Curriculum Vitae has been conceived by the Selection Companies to minimize the evaluation phases of a candidate. For this reason, this document requires the indication of your date of birth to be mandatory.

Instead, use a more effective form of communication where you make the new employer understand what problems you can solve, demonstrate your credibility, and convey the need to contact you to arrange an interview.

3. Make yourself heard (you are entitled!).

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