Curriculum Vitae Review: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Know!

Find out why the revision of the standard Curriculum Vitae is useless, take advantage of the experience of those who have already “fallen for it” and change the way they offer you.

There are a large number of companies that specialize in the professional review of the standard Curriculum Vitae. This is an activity that they carry out for a fee and that leads you to think that it is mandatory if you really want to find work.

But can paying for a revised standard resume really give you a decisive advantage? Let’s see it together…

1. You won’t do (the same) in time.

We at Colloquio Diretto have followed the development of several job advertisements. In the free guides and videos we have reported data showing that by the first hour of publication, 500 resumes had already been sent well beyond the limit that the online application could process (despite continuing to accept them).

In a common situation like this, if you don’t respond to the job posting within a few minutes, your new and expensive standard Curriculum Vitae will never be read and therefore useless.

Thinking that the professional revision of the standard Curriculum Vitae allows you to arrive earlier and better than others is like deluding yourself to win the 100 meters at the Olympics because you have changed your haircut.

2. The first impression of you will be the wrong one.

You notice immediately when a standard Curriculum Vitae is written by a professional of the review. The person who will analyze your application will then understand that you were not able to write a couple of pages on your own to present yourself and your work experiences.

Being forced to rely on someone else to write your application is the message you want to get to your employer?

The CV to find work, to date, is an insufficient tool that risks creating barriers to entry based on prejudices such as degree grade, university of origin, age … These are parameters that do not always correspond to the actual contribution that a resource can bring.

3. You will (still) be discriminated against for your age.

Some Recruiting Companies apply gender-discriminatory criteria or discard you based on your age, gender, area of ​​origin, or marital status before even thoroughly assessing your standard Curriculum Vitae.

For example, if you are over 40 and you are contacting the wrong Selection Company, the analysis of your expensive new standard Curriculum Vitae may stop at your date of birth making the expense of auditing one of the most useless investments you have ever made.

4. They won’t understand you.

If you have the impression that recruiters are unable to evaluate your long and complex experience, I have a nasty surprise for you. Many of the professionals who deal with standard Curriculum Vitae review are former recruiters who have laundered out of necessity or for gain.

When they were recruiters they couldn’t evaluate you correctly knowing the specific characteristics of the job they offered, what makes you think this time will be different since they don’t even know who you will send the standard Curriculum Vitae to revised that they got paid?

5. It will never go well.

We did a test by having a standard Curriculum Vitae reviewed for a fee by a specialized company complete with a telephone interview for the initial analysis. We then sent the revised standard Curriculum Vitae to another specialized company: it wasn’t going well, everything had to be redone.

We repeated the experiment using the standard Curriculum Vitae already reviewed twice with a third specialized company: guess what? Always everything to review.

We have certainly chosen companies that are “too creative”. Would you like to spend a few hundred euros to take the test too? No, come on, I’m kidding!

5 (+1). (Update to the article) We are ridiculous.

I don’t know if it was following this article, but some Recruiting Companies have stopped charging for reviewing the standard Curriculum Vitae leaving the decision to donate the work done to the good heart of their customers. This shows how little value this activity has.

How to find work without wasting time and money.

The only way is by using a special communication method. This will prevent you from being discriminated against based on your date of birth or place of residence or gender.

  • Contact your employer directly. However, there is one thing that irritates him: receiving an application where you just talk about yourself. Give the impression that you are only looking for a salary and not a job. In this, the standard Curriculum Vitae is perfect to make it clear that it is better not to consider you.
  • Instead, use communication that speaks to their interests and conveys your credibility. Write a collaboration proposal where you talk about the problems you can solve. Talk to the person and not just to the company because the person who will evaluate your application is an individual who has concerns and ambitions.

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