CV video: how not to find work under the illusion of doing it

CV video: how not to find work under the illusion of doing it

  • The text.

I went to see what the commercial offer of those who create the Video CV foresees. There are the lighting, the shooting, the editing, and, if you add a few more hundred euros, the writing of the script that you will have to play in your video.

Now, as long as your audience is represented by some youtube visitor who wanted to have a laugh, whatever you say may be fine but … in your opinion, an expert recruiter who has to evaluate you and knows how to do it, doesn’t realize that are you reciting a script that someone else wrote you?

The third negligible problem that “personal branding experts” often forget to report is time.

  • Time.

If some recruiters are already having a headache evaluating a Curriculum Vitae or cover letter for more than 9 seconds, do you really think these harassed people can spend 5 minutes of their time looking at your Video CV? Maybe if you are very sexy and you show up in skimpy clothes, you have some chance to keep attention, but here we are talking about another type of job.

Let’s admit that my considerations are wrong and that truly this magical tool can make a difference. So I asked myself the following question.

How To Make a Video Resume or Video CV (Plus Top Examples) | Wyzowl

How many companies offer it and with what extraordinary successes?

I’m looking for the hit parade of companies specializing in Video CV reported in a well-known newspaper.

I click on the link of one of the most accredited companies and what do I discover? The site has been closed, the youtube channel abandoned and the domain is for sale!

In short … in the end, it seems to me that the Video CV has become one of the usual and useless attempts of the “personal branding experts” to offer easy (and expensive) solutions to a difficult problem like that of a job search.

Before writing this article, I took the trouble to watch several CV Videos. I leave you to the vision of my favorite, it is really worth it.

As you may have understood, if you want to stand out from the “crowd” you have to focus on your credibility and not just on a means of communication. You can also use videos, no one prevents you, the important thing is that you present the right content.

A student of the Direct Colloquium Method specializes in warehouse management for the food sector. He discovered a way to reduce the quantities in stock through an ingenious trick.

When he decided to change company, he prepared a collaboration proposal by letter where he inserted 2 photos. Both portrayed the same warehouse but one showed the situation BEFORE and the other the situation AFTER the application of his stratagem. In the end, he reported the operational results he had obtained and his references to be contacted.

It goes without saying the effect that his collaboration proposal had on the one who later became his new employer.

I forgot to tell you how much it costs to create a Video CV through the “personal branding experts” “: from € 200 to € 1,200!

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