Do not send the CV

Something started to disturb someone.

Several (more or less polite) comments arrived from the “recruiting professionals”. They told me that I was crazy to propose alternatives to the CV and that my aim was just to get attention by shooting at (they’re) established system:

  • Use a one and a half-page CV
  • Pray to be chosen
  • Shut up and don’t bother

Obviously, there were many professionals and they worked for powerful companies for which, although Colloquio Diretto continued to grow, their communication always managed to counter the spread of the idea of ​​”changing the system”.

The right ideas cannot be blocked forever.

Important personalities such as Marco Montemagno are dedicating some interventions on the uselessness of sending CVs to find a new job. “Don’t send CV” is one of my favorites:

I’ll give you a summary of some of the topics that struck me for the obvious coincidence with what is described in the Direct Interview Method.

  • Sending your CV in the rain won’t get you a new job.
  • To get noticed, you need to look “special” by showing value.
  • If you need to solve the problem urgently, take creative and direct action.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from the question in Marco Montemagno’s video:

“The mass sends the CV because it’s easy. When you’re looking for work, do you want to play casino games or take work home? ”

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