I work Over 40. What tools are needed to find it?

I work Over 40. What tools are needed to find them?

Vito Verrastro. In Lavoradio we often say that we need to go far beyond the curriculum vitae as everyone has made it known to us. On the net, there are many sites, many tutorials, many blogs.

We have chosen a particularly effective one called direct interview and it is managed by David Buonaventura.

So David, this blog, this idea of ​​going beyond conventions was born, as I read, a little from your own direct experience and this is already a guarantee.

David Buonaventura. Yes, of course. I’ll tell you how this happened.

One day I needed to quickly find a new job. Just around that time, I received a contact from a recruiter from a very important Recruiting Company. We arranged the interview which went very well as (in the words of the recruiter) I was perfect for the role.

All nice except that by chance I discovered that the head of the Selection Company had a different opinion and dismissed me as unpresentable because of my age. I won’t tell you how I felt.

Fortunately, however, I understood who the company was that was looking for a new employee through that Selection Company.

I then created a special collaboration proposal using all the communication techniques I knew and sent it to the CEO of this potential employer.

After a few days I was invited to the interview and a few weeks later I got the job and also made a good career.

So a happy ending. Only that … this thing bothered me a lot so after some time and many studies and tests, with professionals from the world of work, I created Direct Interview.

The aim was to create the first tool made so that EVERYONE can be evaluated for their abilities and not for their age, sex, marital status, or origin. The project was immediately a success, first, the blog, the podcast, and the youtube channel started and now new collaborations are starting.

Vito Verrastro. You have had a very long experience in various positions. I read as a manager, as a manager, as an entrepreneur so you have developed a perspective vision from many points of view and this has helped you and also helps those who follow direct interviews.

David Buonaventura. Right. We must always start from the principle that whoever receives your application has needs, he has desires, he has fears and you obviously discover this when you are in the company when you live in the company itself.

When you go to contact an entrepreneur, a general manager, a CEO through your application, you have to respect their languages, their values, their fears, their concerns. That’s what you need to focus on in your application.

Not only send a standard Curriculum Vitae where it talks about you, the studies you have done, the companies you have worked in but you must communicate the message:

“I know your problems and… look! I am truly the best solution to these. ”

Vito Verrastro. In a direct interview this potential large audience you are talking about what is concrete that can immediately as if to say, put them with one foot ahead of the potential and opportunities on the market of work?

Work Flex News: Why Older Workers Keep Staying on the Job, and More - 1 Million for Work Flexibility

David Buonaventura. The Direct Interview Method was designed for those who already have some professional experience and are looking for employment as an employee or freelancer.

The greatest effect is obtained with the Over 40s as they are the people who have a lot to tell but who at the same time run the real danger of being ignored or even discriminated against by some selectors.

The Direct Interview Method is a very simple but very practical self-guided module path.

  • It makes you recognize your true worth by using self-evaluation principles you have never considered.
  • It enables you to set up your search for career opportunities to identify them before they even go public.
  • It allows you to build your credibility step by step, which is the element that will immediately get you out of the “mass” of job seekers.
  • It shows you how to establish powerful and immediate communication with the employer using the right messages expressed in the language these people understand.
  • Finally, it teaches you very special and effective techniques that will get you the recommendation (of merit) that I remember is the main tool to find work.

Vito Verrastro. Free lessons, guides, and many small pills that can help us on how to get a little into this dimension, of which we are not always very aware, is a first step that direct interview offers free to all its readers.

David Buonaventura. Of course! I remind you that the purpose of the Direct Interview is to change the current situation. Change the fact that there are recruiters who are not doing their job properly.

Attention! I’m not saying that the whole category of personnel selection is not able, indeed there are excellent professionals, but unfortunately among them, there are also people who do not have that experience to understand true talent.

Or some people start from the principle that if you have passed a certain age maturity you are no longer useful to companies. This is an absolutely wrong concept that harms both candidates and companies themselves who do not have the opportunity to meet the collaborators who can make a difference.

We have decided to make available absolutely free (while many companies make you pay for this information and not a little), all those tips, techniques, strategies that allow you to change things.

How to propose yourself in a completely different, more effective way, using the right message. We give this for free because we want you to realize the mistakes that unfortunately forced you to commit in the past.

They told you that you needed the standard Curriculum Vitae, which had to be no more than 2 pages, that you had to use a formal tone, speak exclusively about yourself, be very respectful …

No. The employer is not looking for that. The employer has problems and wants you to talk about them. Only then can you introduce your solution.

Already with the free material that we provide, many people have managed to solve the job problem.

Vito Verrastro. Since the problems and issues and the method are very interesting and the problems are generic but they are very effective compared to a sufficient audience of users, let’s do this David … We resend, we say every month and we analyze some of yours from time to time posts that are very effective very direct like the word direct interview.

Older_woman_in_office_business_smiling_cropped « Additio

So for the benefit of our listeners, we will provide some pills that can be received and perhaps then deepened with the tools that direct interview offers for those who obviously intend to deepen these paths.

Like all things, let’s always remember that simple instructions cannot be enough to solve the problem. It can be the starting point, the first liter of petrol. The rest must come from a study on oneself, on the study of the market and the employer, or in any case on the potential employer. All the things you write so well.

Well then with this 2017 Lavoradio starts with a direct interview. This collaboration will surely bring benefits from the point of view of the knowledge of methods of tools of techniques to get out of the impasse a bit because we often do not meet young people but also not so young people who navigate a bit with a very thick fog in front.

I believe that a direct conversation helps to clear this fog and slowly find those coordinates that allow people to have more confidence in themselves but also the tools they need.

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