No new job? Find out the reason in 8.8 seconds

No new job? Find out the reason in 8.8 seconds

You get an answer!

They’ll call you for an interview one day. It seems that the meeting went well but from that moment on, communication is interrupted. You politely try to ask for information but the answer doesn’t give you much hope.

The situation has become difficult…

You’re starting to get tired.

You’ve made a lot of attempts. You have respected all the rules they have indicated to you. You are tired of updating your Curriculum Vitae and standard cover letter. Even if there is news, you don’t add them and you start to think with annoyance everything that reminds you of the period when you didn’t have too many problems finding work. You remember those times, huh?

You propose yourself everywhere.

Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, you still send your Curriculum Vitae and standard cover letter hoping that some response will arrive. You don’t even look at job advertisements anymore, send your proposal to any company. There are hundreds of unsuccessful attempts now.

You think the problem is you.

You’ve gone through all the reasons and responsibilities for not getting a new job. The inability of politicians, bad luck, the crisis, companies that no longer hire but this list doesn’t make you feel better. You convince yourself that you are the problem. Perhaps because you are too old in age, you don’t have the right knowledge, you live in the place or you have chosen the wrong time.

Stop believing it.

Lose a part of the joy of living, the happiness, the pleasure of being with friends. As soon as you have a moment you go to the computer to see if there is any news. You see time pass and you understand that the search is getting more and more difficult. Silence corrodes hope. You become listless and no longer find the strength to do all those things you normally did.

You convince yourself that you are in a situation without a remedy, that it is not worth continuing and you stop like those millions of Italians who have lost hope do. Try to convince yourself that you have all the important things and that you cannot complain, some are worse off than you.

Don’t fall for it though…

You get depressed.

You get into depression as is normal when you don’t find a solution to the problem for too long. It is not easy to get out of that situation and you know that the consequences could become very serious but there is nothing you can do about it … nothing.

Then something happens.

You realize that schools and the state haven’t taught you how to effectively search for work and that’s what you’ve been missing. You have relied on intuition, improvisation, the way you used before the crisis or you followed what others were doing because you had no other way.

Find out why you can’t find a new job with the 8.8 proof.

Here’s an easy exercise my students figured out why they couldn’t find a new job. It is called proof of 8.8. The reason for this strange name comes from a study reported in Corriere della sera. 8.8 seconds is the average attention span an employer takes to evaluate an application.

Start with the exercise.

  1. Pretend you are an entrepreneur. You have just arrived at the company and you discover that several customers have not paid their invoices, that the suppliers have not delivered the goods on time, that the bank has not yet decided to grant you that loan you really needed.
  2. Read emails. Read all the numerous emails you’ll have to answer and find a cover letter and a standard Curriculum Vitae from a stranger looking for a new job.
  3. Load the timer. Let’s exaggerate, put it at 10 seconds, let it start, and start reading your cover letter or your Curriculum Vitae as if you really were that entrepreneur. As soon as the 10 seconds run out, you stop.
  4. Did you find only one valid reason? Do you find something so interesting that it makes you ignore all your problems as an entrepreneur, read through those documents, and decide to call a stranger to spend the little time that do you have for a job interview and possibly charge yourself a new cost if you decide to hire him?

No? You found out why you can’t find a new job.

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