The situation of those who evaluate job applications

The (sad) situation of those who evaluate job applications.

With a vision of the working relationship expressed in these terms, the “average Italian manager” is careful to make the people who work around him grow. In fact, his main thought is to preserve this “high-> low” ratio.

Training is a risk.

The “average Italian manager” believes that a trained employee improves too much awareness of his skills, leading him in the long run to question the working relationship.

For this reason, he blocks any training activity, in particular the managerial one, so that the employee remains so.

Discard the best.

In the same way, when the “average Italian manager” receives job applications, discards anyone who demonstrates knowledge superior to his own or the ability to grow professionally independently.

If you apply through the standard Curriculum Vitae you are particularly exposed to this work of “interested elimination”. Indeed, by scrolling through the list of your skills or experiences, the manager easily gets the idea that you are a danger and discards you.

Because the “average Italian manager” is an opportunity for you.

Nobody would like to work for those who try to choke their employees. However, there are some aspects that you need to consider if you are an ambitious person, you know you have skills and you want to take advantage of the situation to make a career.

The “average Italian manager”:

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It’s easy to get involved.

Instead of using the standard Curriculum Vitae which exposes you to the risk of being discarded as a danger, for your job applications you must use a form of communication where you can give the manager the impression that you will never be a risk.

In the Direct Interview Method, this is achieved through a specific technique much appreciated by students called “The Hero’s Path” which can shift the attention from you to the manager who evaluates your application.

The figure of the hero is covered by the manager while you will appear as his tool to complete “the enterprise”.

It’s everywhere.

The percentage of managers of this type is very high. In small or medium-sized companies it is inevitable to come across this type of person.

But once you figure out how to introduce yourself in a way that they think you’re safe, this huge number of managers will give you a big advantage in your job applications.

You can take its place.

The “average Italian manager” collects exactly what he sows. Having reduced the role of employees to mere executives who take no responsibility, the level of quality of service for which the manager is responsible often falls.

While once companies could afford inefficient situations, today they react immediately and, thanks to the new employment contracts, quickly scrape the manager.

Before starting external research activities for new staff and evaluating new job applications, companies always try to fill the gaps with internal resources. This will allow you to fill the role the previous manager left.

If you often get no response to your applications, now you know the likely reason.

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