Why does he get a job and you don’t?

Why does he get a job and you don’t?

One day you meet a new colleague who has recently joined the company. Despite being a person who has passed the age threshold where being chosen seems to have become impossible, you learned that the General Management immediately preferred him over younger candidates with more modest economic claims.

You have carefully looked at his Linkedin profile to see if he has used some magic step-by-step formula and instead you only find the list of companies he has worked with and a series of references. No fancy sentences and to be honest there are also a couple of misspellings (the horror!).

So you try to get in touch with him to understand what strange trick he used to achieve this success (Recommendations? A perfect Curriculum Vitae? A magic trick? Damn, what?).

You see him several times, first on business and then on a coffee break. You have to use a good dose of caution, you don’t want to let your current employer know that you are looking for a position in another company: you never know what reaction they would have!

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Talking to him about his past career, you notice something very obvious, almost magnetic: his credibility. You know little about his type of professional activity but every time he talks about his past, you believe him.

You get curious and try to understand what this reaction depends on.

You think she must have dated somebody exclusive professional training course but since you don’t feel like asking him for more details, you keep looking for that job that never seems to arrive.

Something happens one day that leaves you speechless.

You and your colleague find yourself participating in difficult business activities. Your participation was decided by someone else while he did everything to get it.

Notice that he takes note of any situation before this activity. Talk to the person who proposed it to find out what the reasons were for their departure.

He details all the problems encountered and the solutions found even if they did not directly affect him. After some time that the activity is finished, he goes to check the effects in the long term.

You really don’t understand why he does something like this and resumes your job search while your friends keep telling you that there is a crisis, companies are no longer hiring, people your age don’t want anyone, and so on…

One day you find yourself in a meeting with General Management together with that colleague you were surprised that he got that great job in your company.

He talks about the activity you did together, the problems faced, the solutions applied and the important results obtained. He is not attributing merits that are not his own, on the contrary, he describes with absolute tranquility only how much depended on him.

The effect is shocking. You realize how important that activity you carried out with your colleague was and that you thought it was just a pain in the ass.

You notice that the effect comes not only from the elements it uses to demonstrate its credibility but from how it communicates them. So you understand that there is a method behind it that allows him to collect in his current work those elements that will lead him to conquer the next one.

That’s why it was preferred!

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